Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Breakfast Mint Toasts

I just made these for breakfast. In fact, I am still eating them and I simply could not wait to post them on this blog!!

A little while back we had bought some Greek sour cream to make stroganoff, and we had a bunch left. I've been staring at it in the fridge in anticipation of the expiration date. Then I decided to actually read the container.

This specific sour cream is Greek Gods brand, and it's not even sour cream, it's Kefir Cheese, or Lebni. Now that I look at it it's not sour cream at all, but I am absolutely certain it was on the same shelf as the sour cream in the grocery store... anyway, I absolutely love this brand's yogurt (especially the honey flavor) because it is extremely thick and creamy. The same for the this lebni - it's thick and creamy and very tart. Here's a picture of the package:
Well, on the back of the tub it says to mix it with some dried mint and eat it with pita. This morning I did sort of that, and it's great!!

If you don't have this product, cream cheese would be very similar but the dish would no longer be healthy. Plain or vanilla flavored Greek yogurt would also work, Fage brand is another one I like. Whatever you use, it must be of spreading consistency, so it won't slide off the bread.

Breakfast Mint Toasts
  • 2 slices whole grain bread (here in the picture I used whole wheat hamburger buns, because that's what I had! haha)
  • 3-4 tablespoons Greek Gods Lebni
  • teaspoon or so of honey
  • 2-3 tablespoons dried cherries, cranberries, blueberries, currants or raisins
  • 2-3 tablespoons chopped walnuts or almonds
  • 10-20 fresh mint leaves (depending on your level of minty preference)
 Preheat the broiler and place the bread slices underneath just until they are brown (my electric broiler does this in fifteen seconds - check often!) I only prefer one side of the bread toasted, but if you like the other too, flip it over. This side will take much less time to brown. Or, if you have a fancy toaster, use that.

Spread the lebni over the top of the bread slices and drizzle with however much honey you'd like (be careful though, honey is very sweet). Top with the dried fruit and nuts. Make a chiffonade of the mint leaves - stack them on top of each other in a pile, roll them up in a cylinder and slice extremely thinly (or mince the leaves). Spread atop the toasts, eat and enjoy!! 

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