Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Recipes to Try

Here's a couple of links I've bookmarked from random blogs, that I might be trying here soon. I think any other creative cook knows how hard it is sometimes to follow a recipe exactly ;) Most of the time I set out to follow one and end up changing all sorts of things. Sometimes it ends up for the better - sometimes it ends in disaster!! Well here's some inspiration I'll be drawing from in the coming weeks, along with some ideas of things I might add to the recipes!

Mushroom Tart - mushrooms, herbs and cheese atop puff pastry. From Sweet Savory Planet
My ideas: feta or goat cheese, onions, fresh thyme

Spicy Pinto Beans in the crock pot. From Mary at What's Cookin' With Mary?
My ideas: add some cumin or Indian spices. Make into refried beans and/or burrito filling, or add in to a soup or stew

My ideas: SNACKING !!! or as a topping to salads

My ideas: add to a veggie lasagna (with thinly sliced eggplant or squash instead of noodles), dumpling or ravioli filling, in burritos with the pinto beans from above, or lettuce wraps like Laura does here


Are you good at following recipes? Do you change things up a little bit or do you like to try them as written?


  1. what a sweetheart you are! thanks for the shout out! and the other dishes look amazing, love that tart. stay warm!

  2. Usually I'm not good at following recipes either. Except for when I'm baking. Up until now I've never experimented with baking recipes. But other than that, I always just use what I have on hand. And it does not always turn out well. I did the same when I was still in school in art classes. I added more and more thinking it could only get better. I should have learned my lesson then...