Thursday, May 19, 2011

Recent Meals

Cooking... I've been doing that these past few weeks, but it's been a lot of "Oh wow, what's in the kitchen and what can I make from it?!" So I haven't been taking the time to write recipes. But, I'm not in school for the summer (although I am working full time...) so hopefully there will be more recipes. Until then, here's a picture post of various meals we've eaten the past few weeks.

 Roasted cherry tomatoes. Tossed with olive oil, oregano, garlic, salt and pepper and baked at 400° for fifteen minutes. We ate some as they were (YUM!) and some cold on salads.

Cumin and honey glazed baked sweet potato fries, served as a side dish to...

Bean and cheddar cheese enchiladas with homemade cumin-chili sauce. With sweet potato fries, corn chips and homemade salsa, avocado slices, sauteed collard greens with onions and peppers.

"Chicken" fried tofu cutlet with cream gravy, mashed potatoes and "vegetable surprise" (sauteed cabbage, onions and green beans). The tofu cutlet was very delicious and flavorful, BUT the texture left something to be desired. By the time the breading got crispy, the inside of the tofu was still soft and mushy. Next time I will marinate and bake the tofu, chill it, and THEN bread and fry. And post the recipe! 

Carrot, asparagus and almond salad; Brown rice with broccoli and onions; both with cilantro-parsley pesto

Breakfast! Scrambled farm fresh eggs with spinach, tomatoes and cheese, with baked garlicy purple potatoes

Baked lime pepper tilapia with broccoli couscous, lime roasted asparagus and cilantro-parsley pesto


  1. Wonderful spread, everything looks stunning and filling..

  2. oh yum! it all looks so colorful and delicious! i love those enchiladas!